Day 9: Head a Little Deeper Into The Blogosphere


March 7, 2014 by Roe

Today’s assignment: Follow five more blogs and/or topics.”

Today I’ve decided to follow:


1) Feminism – I’ve been kind of curious to hear about what other people have to say about feminism besides my (at times misguided IMO) social sphere. I’ve also been drafting a post as to why I believe Miley Cyrus is not a feminist. It’ll be interesting to see if anything pops up about that within the tag. My post definitely will once I get it together.

2) Art – I wanted to go to the Met all last month and never made the time to do it. Well in my defense, a lot did happen – Constant inclement weather, my car having to be sold, my general unavailability, etc. I hope to maybe go when the weather gets warmer. I like going to museums every once in awhile. One of the main reasons why I wanted to go last month was to see some African art, especially after my lioness dream. Maybe following this tag will expose me to who’s creating cool things on the interwebz.

3) Italy – I am half Italian after all. Most of the posts that come up with this tag are pictures, which is wonderful. I think Italian architecture is absolutely exquisite and I haven’t been in 7 years, so I do feel a little nostalgia for it. I wish my language skills were better, but living with my Nonna I do try and try to get better everyday.

4) Carl Sagan – In anticipation of the new Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson in TWO DAYS, I decided to follow the Carl Sagan tag. If you don’t already know, Carl Sagan was an incredibly intelligent astrophysicist who co-created and filmed the original Cosmos in 1980. I actually watched the whole series via Netflix right after I graduated college, needing and wanting to put in my efforts to learn something new, something important. I friend of mine had also sampled his voice from the series in a song called, “Suitable Universe (Carl Sagan’s Apple Pi)”. I’m not sure if that’s where I first heard his name and then later looked up who he was, but either way what an incredible mind. He is deeply missed today!


5) RAZZ. – I found this blog under the Album Review tag I’m following. It’s actually a blog for Exeter University’s creative arts magazine. I saw they published a review of The Hotelier’s Home, Like Noplace Is There, which I just listened to for the first time only yesterday. I liked the album a lot. The band reminds me of a cross between New Found Glory and The Front Bottoms, woven together with the electricity of the emo revival that seems to be slowly re-enveloping the scene. They really did a nice job with the review, so I gave them a follow. I also saw they wrote a swell overview of Into It. Over It.’s Intersections. Two points in my book for sure!


2 thoughts on “Day 9: Head a Little Deeper Into The Blogosphere

  1. Joseph Stewart says:

    Hey, Roe! Thanks for your kind words about Razz’s music section, I wrote both the articles that you mentioned and it’s nice to get some positive feedback. Subtly pushing emo revival bands at university is the best kind of article-writing.


    • Roe says:

      Hey, Joe! It’s no problem at all. I’m so glad good bands like IIOI and The Hotelier are getting noticed! I loved both articles and I thank YOU for writing them 🙂
      Within the vein of “emo-revival”, dunno if you’re into Brand New or Saves The Day, but I know they’re both going to be touring together in the UK soon. You should definitely try and see them if you can! Sure to be one hell of a show 😉

      Take care and keep writing!


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