The Practitioner’s Hat

November 28, 2016 by Roe

Helloooooo fellow RKB-readers!

So as the holidays approach and the end of 2016 comes to a close, I think we all gradually come to a point of self-reflection in one way or another. What have we accomplished this year and what do we hope to accomplish in the next?

Since I am a student again, much of my personal self-reflection has to do with my recent academic accomplishments along with my potential career goals for the future.

Right now my academic and professional goals stand as follows:

  1. To graduate with my second B.A. in TV Production and minor in Film.
  2. To obtain a position within the field of Music Supervision, playing a role in song placement for TV and film.

As I work towards completing the requirements of my degree, I am encountering and creating many texts. This semester I’ve been working on a mini-documentary on my best friend who lost her mother and was unwillingly thrust into adulthood at the age of 20. Not only will the final cut of the documentary be a text, but I’ve had to create logs, transcripts, and paper edits – all texts that inform my editing process to make the final text is the best it can be.

During past semesters, I have helped produced texts whether it was writing papers, reflections, and scripts and have also played a part in creating video newscasts, interviews, and dramatic scenes. To fulfill my Film minor requirements I have already extensively viewed and studied films and screenplays, which will undoubtedly assist me when it comes time to create my own, whether for other classes or in the real world. As I continue to pursue my degree, I hope to create and analyze more texts that ultimately will expand my knowledge in my field and in the end, expand my portfolio of completed works I can show off to others whether they be friends, colleagues, or potential employers.

As a Music Supervisor, music will be my obvious, primary text. But I will probably be using the text of the TV show or film to select and/or compose the appropriate music. By adding music the final cut of the TV episode/film will become a new text, redefined and recontextualized. To add, there will probably also be licensing contracts that will be a mainstay text within this role. These licensing contracts will allow me to legally use music within the context of the TV show or film.

In regards to my academic and professional goals Althusser’s theory/concept regarding identifying the problematic and conducting symptomatic readings allows me to think outside the box; everything is not as it appears to be. It is in what is unsaid that sometimes speaks the loudest of all and can sometimes be the most powerful tool to analyze what’s in front of us.

In a hypothetical situation as a Music Supervisor, if I had to analyze a scene in order to choose fitting music or a fitting closing song as the credits roll, it would probably be ideal if I understood the characters and how the cliffhanger (or resolution) of the episode impacts them. But if I don’t have that information and am not allowed to view the entire episode for contractual/legal reasons (and probably to prevent leaks), I may have to base my knowledge off limited body language and dialogue. Without knowing the full story, how can I choose and appropriate song to “fit the mood”, or even better, to provide ironic disjuncture? To a certain degree, I can analyze what is present, but also need to see what is absent in the scene and how the characters relate to each other.

To add, the same could be said in an academic setting if I was doing something similar or analyzing pretty much anything including a book, TV show, film, advertisement, or artwork. The meaning of anything is not in just what’s present, but in what is not being shown, heard, or discussed.

With Althusser in my arsenal, who knows where the future may lead.

But at least I’ll have an informed idea of where I want to go in life.

The rest is up to fate. 😉


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